Insilico’s AI-discovered INS018_055 graduates to phase 2

Roughly a year ago, Insilico Medicine announced that it had dosed the first patient in a phase 1 study of INS018_055, an AI-discovered, first-in-class small molecule inhibitor. Now, the company has progressed to the next stage, launching a phase 2 study for the drug candidate.

Insilico, a founding member of NVIDIA Inception, developed its AI drug-discovery platform on NVIDIA GPUs. Inception is a complimentary program that provides startups with technical training and AI platform support.

The discovery of INS018_055 was the result of combining multiple technologies. Insilico’s proprietary Pharma.AI platform incorporates AI models trained on massive amounts of data. Insilico’s target identification platform, PandaOmics, discovered a novel target. Then Insilico’s generative chemistry platform, Chemistry42, designed the molecule’s structure. In addition, these AI systems rely on machine learning techniques like deep generative models, reinforcement lear…

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