Lilly’s Zepbound to enter the weight management market with competitive pricing

Lilly’s tirzepatide notched an FDA approval for chronic weight management, potentially clearly the way for billions in additional sales. Analysts have projected that the drug could fetch $26 billion in annual sales by 2030, with roughly two-thirds of that sum related to obesity​ treatment​. Bank of America analyst Geoff Meacham is even more optimistic, predicting that sales could hit $48 billion annually​.

The company is calling the obesity-branded version of the drug Zepbound, in contrast to Mounjaro, which won FDA approval for type 2 diabetes on May 13, 2022.  

Lily’s stock was up 3.20% to $619.13. Year-to-date, its share price is up almost 70%, in part as a result of strong sales prospects for tirzepatide. 

The table below outlines the starting cash prices for a range of GLP-1 receptor agonists. Lilly’s Zepbound, the obesity-branded version of tirzepatide, has a competitive starting price in the segment. With insurance, Zepbound could cost as lo…

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Embracing change management in pharmaceutical sales: Ensuring smooth transitions amidst industry evolution

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Embracing change management in pharmaceutical sales has become an essential competency for sales leaders. As a sales performance consultant who has worked with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies for over two decades, I’ve seen firsthand how the pace and frequency of change within pharma organizations has rapidly accelerated, making adaptation a constant requirement. Pharmaceutical sales reps now operate in an environment of perpetual fluctuation, with frequent concurrent changes across products, regulations, technologies, processes, and competition. They’re looking to their sales leaders to help them through the confusion and complexity so they can perform at the levels they are being held accountable for.

Change management: An essential competency for sales leaders

The ongoing reality of constant change within the pharma industry means sales leaders can no longer view change man…

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