Eversana partners with AWS to accelerate generative AI in pharma

Life sciences commercial services company Eversana is one of the latest to throw its hat into the generative AI ring. Tapping a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Everasana is focusing on developing generative AI technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Also this month, the startup Synthetica Bio announced it would use generative AI to boost drug discovery innovation while Nvidia announced it would invest $50 million in the biotech Recursion to support its AI drug discovery efforts. Earlier this year, Nvidia debuted a cloud service for generative AI in drug discovery known as BioNemo.

Eversana’s approach to generative AI in pharma

Eversana aims to ‘pharmatise’ AI. The company’s chief digital officer Scott Snyder explains: “When we talk about pharmatising, it’s overlaying all of the unique needs, requirements, and goals of pharma, but layering it on to the innovation capability of generative AI.”…

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