What’s behind the dip in pharma recalls in Q2 2022

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

In Q2 2022, the number of recalled units in the U.S. pharma industry dropped sharply. In the first quarter of the year, drug makers recalled more than 435 million units. However, the number of recalled units in Q2 2022 was 20.5 million, according to the Sedgwick Brand Protection Q2 2022 recall index.

“It was definitely a big drop,” said Chris Harvey, senior vice president at Sedgwick. But the steep reduction doesn’t mean the FDA is taking its eye off the ball.

This year could end up a record-setting year for products recalled. The number of recalls between Q1 and Q2 was flat at 94 quarter over quarter. That figure is “up from some of the previous quarters that we’ve seen to the pandemic,” Harvey said.

The Q1 2022 numbers had a handful of extensive recalls involving OTC products skewed the numbers. Lot sizes for OTC products general…

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