Phagenesis launches Phagenyx neurostim system in U.S.

The Phagenyx neurostimulation system. [Image from Phagenesis]Phagenesis announced it received FDA de novo clearance for its Phagenyx neurostimulation system.

Manchester, England-based Phagenesis is now planning a targeted launch in the U.S.

The company designed the first-of-its-kind therapy to use pharyngeal electrical stimulation (PES). It aims to restore swallowing control in patients with severe dysphagia post-stroke. The FDA granted Phagenyx breakthrough device designation in January 2020. It is also available in Europe.

“Dysphagia affects millions of people worldwide, and many do not receive the desired outcome with currently available treatments. Adding an innovative therapy like Phagenyx has the potential to accelerate results and may allow the patient to spend fewer days in the hospital, which would significantly improve quality of care and patient experience,” said Marta Kazandjian, department head for speech-language pathology and swal…

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DermaSensor wins MedTech Innovator Mid-Stage Companies Pitch Event

DermaSensor can evaluate a skin lesion for skin cancer risk in under 30 seconds, according to the company. [Image courtesy of DermaSensor]DermaSensor — the creator of a handheld, point-and-click device to quickly assess skin lesions for cancer risk — is the winner of the MedTech Innovator Mid-Stage Companies Pitch Event.

The Miami-based mid-stage company beat out 1,000 applicants, more than 20 of which competed on-site May 10–11, 2022 at DeviceTalks Boston. DermaSensor walked away with a cash prize and admission to MedTech Innovator and its host of benefits.

DermaSensor’s device uses optical spectroscopy. A light-emitting tip non-invasively touches the lesion, receiving and analyzing data from below the skin at cellular and subcellular levels. The technology could help general practitioners better spot lesions that are potential problems before forwarding their patients to a dermatologist for further evaluation.

Research involving 57 general practitio…

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