How LivaNova developed a next-generation perfusion system

Access to technology, integrated systems and data reign supreme in the new era of perfusion.

By Marco Dolci, LivaNova 

LivaNova’s Essenz Perfusion System [Image courtesy of LivaNova]

Perfusionists are essential players on a cardiac surgery team, ensuring patients receive critical clinical support to maintain vital functions during a procedure. In short, the breath and heartbeat of patients’ lives rest in the hands of perfusionists operating a perfusion system, while the surgical team intervenes on the heart.

Today’s perfusionists need connected and real-time data in addition to effective technical and hardware functionality. Their clinical roles are evolving in the operating room (OR) and a new era is emerging in which access to technology, integrated systems, data analytics and actionable information will drive quality, efficiency and continuously improved patient care across all phases of a proce…

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