PercAssist treats first patient in heart failure support trial

[Image from the PercAssist website]PercAssist announced today that it successfully completed the first patient treatment in its EUREKA first-in-human clinical study.

The study evaluates PercAssist’s minimally invasive extravascular platform that provides hemodynamic support for chronic heart failure patients.

Principal investigator Dr. Petr Neuzil completed the first case at the Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. Also involved were co-investigators Dr. Ivo Skalsky and Dr. Marek Janotka. Neuzil and his team successfully deployed the PercAssist percutaneous synchronized cardiac assist system (PSCA).

The PSCA system features a balloon-based catheter and console. It inflates and deflates in synchrony with the patient’s cardiac rhythm to provide hemodynamic support. Santa Clara, California-based PercAssist said its system was successfully deployed in the study. It provided hemodynamic stability immediately following implantation and throu…

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