Versapor® RC Membranes: The next generation of venting materials

As the world leader in the design and production of membranes, filtration devices, and separation systems, Pall Corporation supplies products to nearly every industry in the world. Founded in 1946, Pall Corporation has set the standard for filtration solutions for 75 years and counting. Our customers have relied on us for their most sophisticated applications in diagnostics, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, municipal water, aerospace, hydraulics, industrial fluid processing, and more. Our extensive portfolio of membrane materials offers you flexibility and peace of mind knowing that you will find the right solution for your application needs.

Pall Corporation has developed the highest quality of microporous membranes and materials for filtration, separation, and purification to help optimize product performance and minimize development costs. Whether you are choosing from our standard product portfolio, requesting a modification on an existing product, or explo…

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