P-Duke Technology releases new medical-grade DC/DC converter series

[Image courtesy of P-Duke Technology]

P-Duke Technology has released a new 2W medical-grade DC/DC converter in a compact package, the company said today.

Applications for the new MPL02 series cover a variety of medical equipment, such as oxygen and heart rate monitors, brainwave monitors and oral caring equipment, the company said.

“For the ever-increasing demand for medical home care and medical equipment, P-DUKE has extended its medical power conversion portfolio with a MPL02 board-mount DC/DC converter series,” the company said in a news release. “The MPL02 series is designed especially for compact medical applications and comes in a tiny SIP-8 industrial standard package (footprint only 9.9 x 21.8 mm) which saves space on the PCB. It offers 5000Vac isolation voltage, reinforced insulation of 2xMOPP (patient protection) / 250Vac working voltage with 8 mm clearance and creepage distan…

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P-Duke Technology launches high-power design medical AC/DC power supplies

P-Duke MAD180 series [Image courtesy of P-Duke]

P-Duke Technology has launched its latest high-power density 180W medical AC/DC power supplies.

The MAD180 series “has the most compact design within same power range of power supplies, (making it) ideal for medical diagnostic equipment for such as MRI scanners, laser treatment, X-ray and patient monitoring,” the company said.

Featuring forced-air cooling, the MAD180 series power supplies offer up to 220W peak output power for 5 seconds, 2XMOPP insulation and low leakage current less than100 µA, the company said.

Further details and specifications provided by the company include:

The power supplies are certified with EIC/EN/ANSI 60601-1 and come in 2 x 3 in. open-frame versions or optional encased versions and DIN-rail versions with a universal input range of 85 to 264 Vac and also especially supports 120-370Vdc input range, accord…

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P-Duke Technology is selling dc/dc converters for medical

The MPS and MPH series of medical dc/dc converters [Image courtesy of P-Duke Technology]

P-Duke Technology is promoting its MPS and MPH series of medical dc/dc converters.

The MPS and MPH series comply with Medical EN60601-1 and I.T.E. EN 62368-1 certifications, according to the company. They provide 2W and 3.5W output power, 2:1 input range, regulated 5, 9, 12, 15, 24, ±12, ±15 VDC output voltage, and both DIP16 and SMD16 package.

The converters have a compact 0.57-by-0.95-by-0.4 in. size but can integrate 8mm of clearance and creepage distance for 2MOPP insulation with less than 2μA leakage current, according to P-Duke. The company says they are capable of being used in a type CF Applied Part with patient connection and are suitable for cardiac use.

MPS and MPH series converters also feature UVP, OVP, SCP, remote control, 5000m operating altitude and a five-year warranty.

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