Ranking of most overpaid CEOs includes several pharma executives

[Image courtesy of Adobe Stock]

Determining the most overpaid CEOs is a controversial topic, but one notable list that has recently surfaced is the one published by the non-profit As You Sow. This list includes several pharmaceutical and life science executives on its 100 most overpaid CEOs ranking.

To determine its most recent ranking, As You Sow assessed compensation packages that were subject to voting in the year before June 30, 2022.

As You Sow identifies its ranking of 100 most overpaid CEOs through three rankings based on the S&P 500. The first assesses the financial performance of each company by comparing their CEO’s pay with their total shareholder return. The second dimension identifies companies with the highest percentage of institutional shareholders who voted against their CEO’s pay package. The third dimension gauges the ratio of CEO’s pay to that of an average employ…

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