Opentrons Flex flexes the power of AI in lab automation

Opentrons Flex [Image courtesy of Opentrons]

Queens-based lab automation company Opentrons has debuted its new Flex robot, with the aim of broadening access to advanced lab automation for life scientists. In a recent email interview, Opentrons CEO, Jonathan Brennan-Badal, highlighted that the Opentrons Flex robot is designed to offer a technically sophisticated, yet economically accessible automation platform for life scientists. The robot is designed to execute a variety of experiments, including those designed by large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, he noted.

AI-generated automated protocols for life sciences

“Without wanting to be hyperbolic, LLMs will revolutionize how we design automated protocols in the life sciences,” Brennan-Badal explained. Opentrons’ compatibility with LLMs makes it possible to create “AI-generated automated protocols for every well-documented manual experiment in the scientif…

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