Onecrea Medical completes first-in-human implants of TAVR system

The Crea aortic valve. [Image courtesy of Onecrea Medical]Onecrea Medical recently announced that it successfully completed first-in-human implants for its transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) system.

The company designed its next-generation TAVR system to treat aortic stenosis.

With a unique concave and convex structure, the TAVr system anchors the valve effectively in the aortic annulus. This helps to avoid common complications with TAVR, including implant dislodging or perivalvular leak (PVL) due to improper fit.

The valve also features differential radial force in different parts, according to a news release. It imparts low or high radial forces to the valve depending on the location within the annulus and aorta. Onecrea said it designed the delivery system with improvements for greater control and accuracy for implantation.

About the first-in-human implants for Onecrea Medical

Dr. Carlos Calderas supervised a team of surgeons that perfo…

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