OKAY Industries rebrands to AVNA

NEWS RELEASE: OKAY Industries Rebrands to AVNA

New Name, Logo, and Tagline Reflect Company’s Commitment to Medical Device Manufacturing & Passion for Saving and Improving Lives

New Britain, Conn. — OKAY Industries, a contract manufacturer of components and subassemblies for global medical device Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has rebranded to become AVNA.

After 112 years of engineering and manufacturing innovation, the timing is right for a brand name that reflects the company’s main market focus, medical device manufacturing. The word AVNA is an abbreviation for “Advanced Innovation,” which is the common thread in the company’s key strategic partnerships.

“The new name and look best aligns with our culture, our purpose, and our commitment to our customers, our communities, and patients around the globe,” says Jason Howey, President & CEO of Okay Industries, Inc. “Guided by our new mission ‘Saving lives…

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Okay Industries promotes to fill laser technologies manager role

Redi Nasto, laser technologies manager at Okay Industries [Image courtesy of Okay Industries]

NEWS RELEASE: Okay Industries promotes Redi Nasto

Okay Industries, a contract manufacturer of components and subassemblies for global original equipment manufacturers in the medical device markets, is pleased to announce the promotion of Redi Nasto to laser technologies manager.

In his new role, Nasto will lead and manage all aspects of laser technologies and processes, including laser cutting, laser welding, and laser marking and surface treatment. He will support the company’s growth initiatives in this market by continuing to expand our laser-based processes with new innovative technologies, equipment, and methods. Nasto will be instrumental in driving and supporting Okay’s collaborative business model by committing to customer partnerships, customer-focus collaboration, customer-driven innovation, and operation…

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OKAY Industries expands operations in Costa Rica

OKAY Industries announced today that it expanded its operations in Costa Rica with a new manufacturing facility.

New Britain, Connecticut-based OKAY built a 62,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the new “Evolution Free Zone.” That includes a sustainable, smart manufacturing and life sciences free trade-zone business park in Alajuela Province, Grecia, Costa Rica.

OKAY expects to complete the relocation of its Costa Rica operations in summer 2024. The first phase doubles its current footprint to support capacity growth and demand. Future phases allow an additional expansion of 58,000 square feet. Overall, OKAY expects the expansion to add more than 200 jobs in the area.

“Costa Rica’s strategic location is very attractive for nearshoring needs. Additionally, the new Evolution Free Zone and its integration of community and global standards of excellence aligns with our corporate culture that supports a sustainable workplace environment, sa…

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Okay Industries promotes Mario Chaves Jr. to engineering manager 

Mario Chaves Jr., engineering manager at Okay Industries [Image courtesy of Okay Industries]

Okay Industries (New Britain, Conn.) announced today that it has promoted Mario Chaves Jr. to an engineering manager role overseeing its engineering team in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Chaves joined Okay as a machinist about 10 years ago. Over the years, he worked in production control, purchasing, facilities, IT and other areas, becoming an essential member of the strategic management team.

In his new role, he’ll oversee the Alajuela engineering team’s growth and development, and manage its strategy ad budget.

“During the last decade, Mario has been a model for finding new ways to improve our processes and adding new technologies that have allowed us to become more competitive,” said Sean Stowik, Okay’s director of sales and marketing. “He has also created a strong engineering team that has el…

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