Ocutrx debuts laparascopic swivel camera

Startup Ocutrx Technologies (Irvine, Calif.) announced today that it is expanding from external visualization augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) techniques to a laparoscopic visualization key-hole instrument called Scopetrx.

The wireless laparoscopic swivel camera instrument is designed to allow the surgeon to have an unobstructed, rotating view with a 100-degree field of vision and 4K resolution. The camera subsystem swivels on the main barrel providing a 360º roll, while the camera extends on a multi-axis pivot support permitting another 270° of yaw and pitch rotation. This innovation lets the surgeon see around “corners” with much more depth and visibility than other laparoscopic instruments being used inside the body today, according to Ocutrx.

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Ocutrx debuts AR-assisted surgery system

(Image from Ocutrx Vision Technologies)

Startup Ocutrx Vision Technologies (Irvine, Calif.) announced today that it is launching a new technology for surgery visualization.

The OR-Bot Surgery Visualization Theatre includes the ORLenz augmented reality (AR) surgery headset with three visualization options, depending on the surgeon’s preference:

A surgery view with augmented virtual patient and operating tool information. The choice of using an autostereoscopic “3D glasses-free” 3D 8K display monitor positioned directly in front of the surgeon. Viewing the surgery through a microscope-like VR viewing station positioned on one of the OR-Bot’s robotic arms.

Each surgery visualization choice provides a 4K resolution, according to Ocutrx. The OR-Bot’s arms are both human- and robotically controlled so doctors will be able to move the device’s gravity-compensated 6-axis arms with a slight touch while using…

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