Unlock your medical device’s potential by choosing the right silicone adhesive

From implantable medical devices to external insulin pumps, medical device engineers can choose from a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized silicone adhesives for many applications. [Photo courtesy of NuSil Avantor]

The right high-purity silicone adhesive can optimize medical device manufacturing and have a life-changing impact on patients.

By James Darlucio, NuSil Technology — part of Avantor

From next-generation prostheses to cutting-edge diabetes care, medical device manufacturers are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies that have the potential to change and save patients’ lives.

Various materials and components come together to form the device. For many manufacturers, silicone is an ideal adhesive to use in device assembly due to its proven biocompatibility, ability to bond to various substrates, and stability over a wide range of conditions.

Choosing the right sili…

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What is a self-lubricating liquid silicone rubber?

From innovative new cancer therapies to pioneering diabetes care, self-lubricating LSRs may be the right choice to efficiently manufacture medical devices that make a life-changing difference in patients’ lives. [Photo courtesy of Avantor]

By Alexander Santayana, Nusil — a brand of Avantor

From well-established biocompatibility to robust performance characteristics, silicone offers medical device manufacturers a unique engineered material ideal for these applications. One type, self-lubricating liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs), provides an excellent medical-grade material that can solve manufacturing challenges and increase device performance.

These elastomers contain a built-in lubricant that, over time, elutes to the molded part’s surface. For medical-grade LSRs, this lubricant offers many of the same properties as the elastomer, such as inertness or biocompatibility. In addition, the lubricant can be fo…

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