Nuro achieves communication in locked-in patient with its neurotechnology

A model of the NUOS Extreme 2 eyewear with neurological sensors. [Image from the Nuro website]Nuro announced that a teenager with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) regained some communication ability with its technology.

The fully locked-in patient, referred to as “J,” is completely incapacitated by the debilitating disease. Using the company’s NUOS Extreme 2 system, the 17-year-old girl from Chicago controlled critical communication, music and video content. She achieved this using thought control, without any surgery, training or calibration.

Previous efforts saw attempts to assist J with a number of tools. At first, she had the ability to communicate with an eye gaze system. However, that technology became unreliable and ultimately failed, Nuro said in a news release.

The Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based surgery-free neurotechnology developer then provided the first implementation of NUOS Extreme 2. This enabled the girl to instantly r…

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Nuro secures patent for helmet to detect neurological disease

The PAD wireless portable neurological helmet technology for the early detection and continuous monitoring of neurological diseases. [Image courtesy of Nuro]Nuro announced that it received a fourth patent for its PAD neurological helmet for detecting neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada–based Nuro designed PAD as a wireless, portable helmet. It detects and continuously monitors various neurological diseases and disorders.

The company says that the system differs from traditional fMRI and PET scanners, which require investments, dedicated space and personnel. This new device assists primary care physicians with an ultra-rapid scan of key regions of the brain. It receives assistance in the form of live analysis, classification and result sharing with AI deep learning algorithms.

Nuro aims for its technology to provide unprecedented neurological insights to assist the healthcare system. It hopes for PAD to become a source of …

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