6 drug delivery innovations you need to know

From wearable insulin delivery devices to drug-eluting implants and everything in between, drug delivery innovation never stops.

Vaccines, life-saving therapeutics, vision-correcting drugs and more are being developed and marketed for delivery with all kinds of technologies.

More than a year ago, we compiled a list of eight drug delivery innovations you need to know. With some updates on some of those technologies, plus introductions to others, here are some more impressive developments you should keep an eye on:

1. Needle-free delivery

Vaccines have become a major talking point over the past couple of years amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a number of companies are working on ways to deliver them, as well as other forms of medication, through different avenues.

A major speed bump in vaccine hesitancy can be fear of needles, so the introduction of needle-free drug delivery could make big waves in the space.

Two companies pushing forward with …

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NovaXS unveils prototype for smart, needle-free drug delivery device

[Image from NovaXS]NovaXS Biotech announced that it unveiled the new prototype for its needle-free injection therapy smart medical device.

Formed at the University of California, Berkeley, NovaXS designed its patent-pending Telosis technology to administer a narrow stream of medication without a needle in 0.3 seconds and to analyze injection data to allow for smarter health decisions.

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