Nitto Kohki introduces vacuum pump for pick-and-place applications

The LV-125A (Linicon) vacuum pump [Image courtesy of Nitto Kohki USA]

Nitto Kohki USA today announced the introduction of a standalone vacuum pump device that it says is ideal for pick-and-place applications,

The LV-125A (Linicon) vacuum pump is particularly useful when house air is not available, according to the company.

The pump is compact, lightweight, and features an oil-less design so that it can easily fit into cleanroom assembly operations. Its low noise profile (<40dB) better supports the workplace environment.

It’s possible to purchase the LV-125A with a vacuum pen, needles, tubing and a pen stand.

Nitto Kohki USA (formerly Medo USA) designs, develops and engineers air compressors and vacuum pumps for challenging applications including medical devices, laboratory equipment, and applied robotics.

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