Nexus Spine launches posterior lumbar fixation system

[Image from Nexus Spine]Nexus Spine announced today that it initiated the full commercial launch of its PressON posterior lumbar fixation system.

Salt Lake City-based Nexus Spine designed PressOn — which is approximately a quarter of the size of traditional systems — with rods that press onto pedicle screws rather than attach using set screws.

The company said in a news release that PressON is faster to implant, biomechanically stronger, eliminates the possibility of set screw loosening and allows for intraoperative construction of patient-specific rods. It incorporates flexible bores stretched over pedicle screw heads during implantation, resulting in an elastic interference fit between screw and rod that does not use traditional set screws that have shown to loosen during implantation and post-operation.

Nexus Spine’s full market release follows last month’s launch of the Tranquil titanium interbody fusion devices as part of the company’…

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Nexus Spine launches cervical interbody system

Nexus Spine announced today that it began the beta launch of its Stable-C cervical interbody fusion implants with integrated anchoring blades.

Salt Lake City-based Nexus Spine’s latest release adds to its growing line of Tranquil interbody offerings, which includes ALIF, PLIF, TLIF, steerable TLIF, DLIF, and standard cervical configurations.

Tranquil is made of titanium engineered using proprietary compliant mechanism principles to match the stiffness of spinal trabecular bone to encourage rapid stability while minimizing the potential for subsidence, according to a news release.

Dr. Kirk Clifford performed the first beta surgery with Stable-C at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado on July 12, 2022.

“Stable-C is an incredibly elegant system,” Dr. Clifford said in a news release. “The integrated anchoring blades were easily deployed in one step by simply rotating an instrument that attaches to the inserter. I found it to be a big i…

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Nexus Spine launches spinal implants

Nexus Spine today launched its PressOn patient-specific fixation system for stabilizing the human spine and its Tranquil flexible titanium device for interbody fusion.

The Tranquil and PressOn implants feature compliant mechanism technology to allow for well-established biocompatible materials like titanium to behave like organic human tissue on a microscopic level. The technology allows for bio-friendly synthetic materials to perform more like surgical-treated tissues.

Compliant mechanisms are designed to mimic nature by providing motion and force transmission through flexibility instead of traditional rigid-body joints.

“Nexus Spine has demonstrated improved clinical outcomes, decreased costs, and simplified use by leveraging our novel compliant mechanism engineering expertise and intellectual property. Our advanced technology products have been shown to decrease pain, speed healing, and reduce the cost of care,” president David Hawkes said…

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