NeuroOne reports successful durability tests of thin-film electrodes

NeuroOne’s thin-film electrode, with a gloved thumb for scale [Photo courtesy of NeuroOne]

NeuroOne Medical Technologies (NSDQ:NMTC) today reported successful results of aging tests demonstrating long-term durability of its thin-film electrodes.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based NeuroOne said in a news release that the electrodes’ ability to record electrical activity was tested using an accelerated soak tests that simulated the passage of 5 years. The results show the electrodes can withstand environmental factors that cause thin-film electrode failures and malfunctions.

NeuroOne CEO Dave Rosa [Photo courtesy of NeuroOne]

“These results support the potential expansion of utilization of these electrodes for long-term recording for indications such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, chronic back pain due to failed back surgeries,…
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