4 tips for medical device companies that are choosing a quality management system

Ami Anderson is the director of operations and quality management at NeuFit. [Photo courtesy of NeuFit]

The right quality management system can be instrumental for success, but how can medical device companies adopt a comprehensive process and platform that meets their current and future needs?

Ami Anderson, NeuFit

Quality isn’t optional in the world of medical devices. Every item that makes its way into the hands — or the body — of a patient needs to be manufactured to the absolute highest standards with no deviation in uniformity or function.

Not only do devices have to work exactly as advertised, but companies must continually prove that they are completely on top of every part of their design, manufacturing and testing processes in a clear, complete and accessible way.

That’s why a proactive, fit-for-purpose quality management strategy isn’t optional, either. Working with the wrong electro…

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