Neoscan debuts MRI scanner for babies

[Image from Neoscan]Neoscan Solutions last week unveiled a small, light MRI scanner designed to keep journeys short and to scan sick babies in their sleep.

Grosshansdorf, Germany-based Neoscan’s lightweight scanner deviates from the current MRI scanners, which weigh around eight tons and need to be located on floors that can bear such weight, while also requiring more space and support equipment along with liquid helium supercooling, which needs special handling, according to a news release.

Neoscan’s smaller design uses digitizers and AWGs (arbitrary waveform generators) from Spectrum Instrumentation that offer sub-nano-second coherence precision to generate the scanner signals and capture results.

The team at Neoscan developed a dry magnet to create a standard 1.5 Tesla field inside the scanner that doesn’t require liquid helium, which was done by an inner, cylindrical magnet generating 2.5 Tesla and an outer cylindrical magnet that coun…

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