Navigation Sciences raises $3M for surgical system that treats lung cancer

Navigation Sciences announced today that it closed the initial $3 million tranche of a $5 million Series B financing round.

Brookline, Massachusetts-based Navigation Sciences develops the NaviSci system for use in precision surgery for early-stage lung cancer. The company designed the system to provide surgeons with real-time “GPS” guidance during minimally invasive surgery. It enables them to determine real-time margin measurement, reduce local risk and minimize the removal of lung tissue. This, in turn, preserves lung function.

The system integrates advanced software with surgical instruments to guide precise surgical resection. It enables real-time, in vivo margin measurement. Navigation Sciences aims to improve surgical oncology outcomes with cutting-edge technologies. The company seeks to reduce recurrence risk, conserve lung function, shorten hospital length of stay and enhance the surgical workflow.

Navigation Sciences licensed its tec…

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