Radiomics: The present and future of advanced imaging analytics

Radiomics image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Radiomics, or the science of advanced imaging analytics, is an emerging field that promises more personalized care, improved clinical decision support and greater efficiency in clinical trials. 

Radiomics are being used to discover new biomarkers, improve the accuracy of diagnosis, predict the risk of disease and likelihood of treatment response, and identify clinical endpoints.

Today, much of the focus in radiomics has been in oncology. However, radiomics applies to other clinical areas and is being used today in several clinical domains. Radiomic data are a key component of a “multi-omics” approach to medicine, in which radiomic data is combined with data sets from other sources such as genomic and clinical data. Adding more robust phenotype data to these data fabric will present clinicians with synergistic information in which the whole is greater than …

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Powering MRIs: 3 RF interconnect considerations to save time and money

An MRI machine [Image courtesy of Times Microwave Systems]

RF interconnects, including coaxial cables and connectors, are an integral part of MRI systems.

Early awareness of challenges such as transmission loss, ease of installation and infrastructure requirements can help with performance and cost optimization in the design of new MRI systems.

Kai Loh, Times Microwave Systems

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology has advanced rapidly in the last decade. Spurred by aging populations and increased cases of certain diseases, demand for more timely and accurate diagnostics has driven both adoption of MRI and advancements. In addition to the conventional setup typically found in most healthcare facilities, mobile and portable systems development has gained momentum to broaden access and reduce wait time for MRI diagnostics.

The increased emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures is…

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Philips and Disney want to make MRIs easier for children: Here’s how

Image from Philips

Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG) announced today that it is teaming up with Disney to test the effects of custom-made animation to create a relaxing atmosphere for patients.

Amsterdam-based Philips will collaborate with The Walt Disney Company EMEA to see how the animation, including specially-made Disney stories within Philips’ Ambient Experience, creates a relaxing atmosphere to improve both the patient and clinical experience during pediatric MRI procedures, according to a news release.

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