Building our future: holistic approaches to sustainability and glove manufacturing practices

By Mölnlycke Health Care

Introduction Sustainability extends well beyond the resources and processes we use in manufacturing; it is instilled into every element of our conduct as a business. Mölnlycke is committed to a sustainable future for our planet and is formed around three core pillars: respect for people and the environment, defence of human rights, and the fight against abuse and corruption. In September this year, we open our new manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia. Following the pandemic, patient demand for  surgical procedures has risen. The €50 million investment in Kulim supports our ability to manufacture and deliver our industry leading Biogel® surgical gloves to healthcare systems around the world for decades to come. But in a global environment of limited natural resources and complex global supply chains, it has never been more vital to ensure that these three elements of sustainability are reflected in the development and manufacturin…

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