Missouri S&T researchers tout patented implants created with bioactive glasses and metals

[Image from Missouri S&T]

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology are touting devices made of bioactive glasses and metals that could replace certain types of implants.

The researchers recently received a patent for their implant comprised of bioactive glasses and metals that dissolve at the end of their operational lifespan. They see the potential for replacing other types of implants and eliminating the need for invasive removal once they have served their purpose.

“Glass is an excellent material for packaging and substrate layers in implanted solid-state devices including sensors and actuators,” Missouri S&T professor and graduate coordinator of electrical engineering at Missouri S&T Dr. Chang-Soo Kim said in a news release. “Depending on the combination of materials, you can develop a bioactive glass that degrades very slowly or very quickly, based on the required ope…

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