RefleXion, Mirada ink licensing deal on personalized cancer treatment

RefleXion Medical announced today that it entered into a non-exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Mirada Medical.

The agreement allows for the integration of Mirada’s RegEngine image registration algorithms into the RefleXion X1 treatment planning software, aligning patient anatomy between different imaging modalities or between radiotherapy treatments.

“Day-of-treatment modifications, called adaptive radiotherapy, are critical for responding to changes in patient anatomy that occur as a result of cancer treatment, and to lowering toxicity to improve outcomes,” RefleXion Chief Business Officer Thorsten Melcher said in a news release. “In challenging patients, such as those with metastatic disease where more than one tumor may be treated, adaptation requires robust tools such as Mirada’s sophisticated RegEngine software, so that clinicians can quickly assess patient anatomy and, in the future their biology, to implement changes to the treatm…

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