Mindset Pharma bolsters IP portfolio with three novel families of next-generation psychedelics

Focused on developing therapies for neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders, Mindset Pharma (CSE:MSET/FSE:9DF) has identified three families of next-generation psychedelics.

Families 6, 7 and 8 are chemically distinct, small molecule non-tryptamine scaffolds. Tryptamine hallucinogens include LSD, DMT and psilocybin. Mindset Pharma has filed provisional patent applications for the three families.

The Toronto-based company had already announced it had four families of investigational psychedelic compounds. The first includes a psilocybin-like conjugate known as MSP-1014.

The second family includes high-potency, short-acting psilocybin-like compounds, while the third includes a low-potency, long-duration compound for micro-dosing.

To learn more about the new compounds and Mindset Pharma in general, we reached out to Chief Scientific Officer Joseph Araujo. He provided an overview of what sets Mindset apart from the competition in the therapeutic p…

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