Spine device developer taps 3D printers for guides and bone models

NEWS RELEASE: Mighty Oak Medical Revolutionizes Spinal Surgery Outcomes with 3D Printing

Mighty Oak Medical uses HP 3D printers to make patient-specific surgical guides and bone models. [Photo courtesy of Mighty Oak Medical]

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology Enables Personalized 3D Printed Models and Tools to Improve Pedicle Screw Placement and Spinal Fusion Procedures

Mighty Oak Medical and HP collaborating on patient-specific 3D printed models and guides manufactured using HPs Jet Fusion printers. Mighty Oak Medical provides surgeons with enabling technologies that improve operating room efficiency and make spine surgery safer. New efficiencies in turnaround times for 3D printing achieved by bringing manufacturing in house.

ENGLEWOOD, CO. – Mighty Oak Medical, a medical device development company that specializes in creating and commercializing spinal technologies, announced a technical partnership with HP f…

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