Microsure raises $40M to advance microsurgical robot

The MUSA-3 surgical robot. [Image courtesy of Microsure]Microsure announced today that it successfully closed its Series B2 investment round, securing nearly $40 million (€38 million).

Eindhoven, The Netherlands-based Microsure plans to use the funds to finalize the development of its newest microsurgical robot. It intends to progress its MUSA-3 robot through clinical studies, then subsequent FDA clearance and CE mark approval.

The company designed MUSA-3 to “revolutionize the field of open microsurgery,” according to a news release. It offers surgeons precision, stability and control beyond human capabilities, the company says. The system builds upon its previous generations — the MUSA-2 robot.

MUSA-3 offers enhanced dexterity, a wider workspace and tremor reduction for enhanced precision. It integrates seamlessly with surgeons’ existing preferred micro-instruments from different brands. The system’s adaptability also enables its us…

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