Is the new $15,900 postpartum depression pill worth it?

Zuranolone molecule image from PubChem

Sage Therapeutics has pegged the wholesale acquisition price of the oral postpartum depression (PPD) drug Zurzuvae (zuranolone) at $15,900 for a 14-day course of the therapy. The drug, co-developed by Biogen, won the FDA green light in August. The companies plan on launching the drug in December. The DEA has classified zuranolone as Schedule IV, which mostly includes benzodiazepines. That status could influence prescriber and patient perceptions concerning the drug’s safety profile and potential for abuse. The formulary review process for Zurzuvae, critical for insurance coverage, will occur throughout 2024.

Sage had initially aimed to price Zurzuvae under $10,000, but its failure to win approval earlier this year for zuranolone for major depressive disorder altered its pricing strategy.

Zurzuvae postpartum depression cost in context

The wholesale acquisiti…

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