New DeviceTalks series with MedtechWOMEN indicates a shift in medtech leadership

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It’s 2007 and I’m lost in a sea of shoulder-to-shoulder blue and black suits, nearly lifting out of my seat to try and see the stage over row after row of people, all easily a foot taller than me. It was my sixth medical device conference that year, and I was there to learn from the most experienced, most successful, and most influential members of the medical device community.

But I couldn’t see.

It wasn’t just that I couldn’t see the stage. It was what I should have seen but didn’t: me.

Nearly 30 panel sessions into my new career, and I never once saw myself on that stage. Not until Amy Belt Raimundo (then a VP at Advanced Technology Ventures) took center stage — or, more accurately, owned center stage.

Until that moment, I never realized the true weight of the saying, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

It’s been my personal mission since then to create oppo…

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