Small but mighty medical fiber: Minimally invasive surgery demands new materials

Honeywell’s Spectra MG Bio medical fiber [Photo courtesy of Honeywell]

High-strength, lightweight medical fiber helps make surgical procedures more effective.

Zachary Murnane, Honeywell

The first minimally invasive surgery (MIS) — an endoscopy — dates back hundreds of years. In orthopedics, it has a history of a century or more.

Uptake has accelerated more recently, and has grown fast across a wide range of surgeries in the last few decades. One published analysis of MIS described the expansion as “exponential since the introduction of laparoscopic surgery in the late 1980s.”

MIS is the new standard. In orthopedics, MIS is now widely used for arthroscopies and even full joint replacement for not just knees, but hips, wrists, shoulders and elbows. From gastroenterology to cardiothoracic and heart surgery, pediatric to urogynecology, MIS has surged.

According to one estimate, …

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