Medasense’s finger probe makes pain management easier for anesthesiologists

Medasense Biometrics founder and CEO Galit Zuckerman-Stark [Image courtesy of Medasense Biometrics]

Pain management is vital to patient comfort and treatment success in medical care. Effective pain management alleviates suffering and optimizes medical outcomes, particularly surgical procedures. However, existing methods for gauging and addressing pain have significant limitations.

Medasense Biometrics is a commercial-stage pain management technology company that develops AI-powered patient monitoring solutions to help clinicians manage physiological pain. The company’s mission is to personalize and optimize pain treatment to reduce patient suffering from pain and its side effects.

Galit Zuckerman-Stark, an engineer with a background in high tech and a love for science and technology, founded Medasense almost 15 years ago. With her expertise in AI, she saw an opportunity to provide better objective tools …

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