Roquette unveils digital pharma marketplace

Plant-based ingredient specialist Roquette (La Madeleine, France) has opened a new online marketplace on a digital marketplace platform from Knowde. The online platform includes pharmaceutical excipients, binders, processing aids, solvents, flavors and taste maskers and other materials. The new platform is part of a new initiative from Roquette to improve its support of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries.

The platform enables pharma companies to request pricing quotes and additional product information. In addition, Roquette says the online platform will allow drug developers to purchase initially small quantities of materials for early-stage drug development and scale-up activities.

The platform also supports purchases via credit card and provides real-time access to customer support representatives.

Roquette was founded in 1933 and is now active in more than 100 countries.

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MIT researchers tout origami-inspired medical patch for internal injuries

Image from Felice Frankel/MIT

Engineers at MIT are touting a medical patch capable of being delivered through narrow spaces to patch up internal injuries.

With inspiration from the art of origami, the engineers designed the patch to be folded around minimally invasive surgical tools and delivered through airways, intestines and other narrow spaces to patch up internal injuries, according to a news release.

The patch resembles a foldable, paper-like film when dry, the researchers said, and it transforms into a stretchy gel, like a contact lens, when it makes contact with wet tissues or organs, becoming capable of sticking to an injured site. The new tape is designed to resist contamination when exposed to bacteria and bodily fluids and it can safely biodegrade away, according to data published in Advanced Materials.

MIT researchers said they are working with clinicians and surgeons to optimize …

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