MagVenture launches brain stimulation clinical positioning system

Image from MagVenture

MagVenture announced today that it launched the patent-pending MagVenture Flow Arm for brain stimulation positioning.

Alpharetta, Ga.-based MagVenture’s Flow Arm clinical positioning system is designed to optimize the delivery of the company’s FDA-cleared protocols for non-invasive brain stimulation technology in treating major depressive disorder and as an adjunct therapy for OCD, according to a news release.

The MagVenture Flow Arm is touted by the company as the latest improvement to its MagVenture TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) Therapy system. It improves upon the applicator “coil,” which is usually large and unwieldy, the company said.

MagVenture said the coil is essentially comprised of two heavy spools of copper wire that produce and focus magnetic fields for the brain stimulation. The coil has to be accurately positioned and held immobile over the brain targets during TMS procedures.


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MagVenture wins FDA clearance for OCD TMS treatment device

MagVenture announced that it received FDA clearance for its TMS Therapy for adjunct treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Alpharetta-Ga.-based MagVenture said in a news release that the authorization is its second from the FDA, having already been cleared for its treatment of major depressive disorder.

TMS Therapy uses magnetic pulses to stimulate a specific area of the brain in an effort to improve OCD symptoms, having already been well-established as an option for major depressive disorder.

The adjunct treatment to existing OCD therapies may involve pharmaceutical and behavioral therapy, and is an out-patient procedure with no systemic side effects, MagVenture said. The treatment specifically targets networks in the brain that are known to be particularly affected by OCD.

“We have worked closely with brain researchers for well over 25 years, providing numerous TMS solutions to help advance the field of neuroscience – both basic…

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