The top 10 pharma M&A deals of 2022

[Photo by John Guccione via Pexels]: 

2022 was a shaky year for M&A deals in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, as PwC recently surmised. That’s not surprising, given the recession fears and inflation themes common throughout the year.

That said, Amgen (Nasdaq:AMGN) and Pfizer bucked the trend by spending 11-figure sums on M&A deals. Bristol Myers Squibb, Biocon Biologics and GSK also had sizeable acquisitions.

Here are ten M&A deals in 2022 worth at least $1 billion.

1. Amgen to pay $27.8 billion for Horizon Therapeutics

Amgen agreed to pay $116.50 per share for Horizon Therapeutics (Nasdaq:HZNP) for a total of $27.8 billion, marking the biggest biopharma deal of the year. In 2021, Horizon had $3.23 billion in revenue, marking a 47% increase over the previous year. Horizon also discussed a potential acquisition deal with Janssen Global Services and Sanofi before deciding to m…

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