NetSuite quality management solution for medical manufacturers

An Overview of NetSuite ERP and Quality Management

By Ben Katerberg, Luxent, NetSuite Solution Architect

For many medical manufacturing companies ensuring quality standards are being met by vendors and/or by internal manufacturing operations is critical towards external compliance standards and the lifeblood for long-term profitability and customer satisfaction. Many medical manufacturing companies have historically maintained separate quality management systems outside of their day-to-day ERP systems, leading to delays, a lack of visibility, and process bottlenecks. What if there was a way to fully integrate your ERP with your Quality Management system?

Fortunately, NetSuite offers a fully integrated Quality Management Solution that is flexible, allows for automation of pre-inspection quarantine and subsequent release of inspection-compliant material, and the ability to generate wide-ranging reporting metrics.

Flexibility: With reusable inspection…
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