Former NuVasive executive takes corner office at LimaCorporate

LimaCorporate CEO Massimo Calafiore

LimaCorporate announced today that its board of directors appointed former NuVasive executive Massimo Calafiore as its new CEO.

Calafiore resigned as NuVasive’s chief commercial officer last month. He also served as an EVP at the orthopedic device company before his departure.

Before serving as EVP and CCO, Calafiore oversaw NuVasive’s product marketing and commercial functions. He also held responsibility for the company’s business units, including specialized orthopedics and clinical services. Calafiore now brings more than 20 years of experience in the orthopedic field to the corner office at LimaCorporate.

“I am honored to take on this role as CEO of LimaCorporate. Thanks to our internal talent, know-how, and industry-leading R&D capabilities, I will continue to focus on positioning the company as a global leader in advanced orthopedic solutions,” Calafiore said in a news release. …

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Orthofix partners with LimaCorporate on hip dislocation solution

Orthofix’s Fitbone system. [Image from Orthofix]Orthofix Medical (Nasdaq:OFIX) announced today that it entered into a licensing partnership for the U.S. market with LimaCorporate.

The licensing partnership aims to provide a novel solution for patients with the challenging condition of chronic high dislocation of the hip. It will combine the limb-lengthening technology of Orthofix’s Fitbone intramedullary nail system with LimaCorporate’s proprietary, patient-specific, 3D-printed pelvic fixation device.

Lewisville, Texas-based Orthofix said in a news release that, once surgically implanted, the devices work together with the aim of allowing surgeons to distract the femur to an anatomically correct position, allowing for the correction of the leg-length discrepancy, reducing strain on the spine and allowing for a total hip replacement to follow.

The new solution currently does not have FDA clearance and is only available through an FDA compas…

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