Life Spine announces first implant of ProLift Micro endoscopic expandable spacer system

Life Spine today announced the first surgical cases of its ProLift Micro endoscopic expandable spacer system.

ProLift Micro supports a range of procedures, including endoscopic TLIF/PLIF, MIS and open. It comes in 8mm width and expands in situ from 8mm to 13mm.

The Huntley, Illinois-based company designed ProLift Micro to be deployed through a micro-invasive cannula that uses endoscopic visualization. Once inserted, the device expands in situ to restore disc height and patient alignment.

An endoscopic approach allows physicians to work through smaller channels to minimize required incisions and retractions. The endoscope associated with the device protects surrounding vascular structures and provides real-time visualization.

“The endoscopic approach of ProLift Micro allows for direct visualization at the annulus level. Placement of an interbody is facilitated and secured by the ability to look directly at the cage and achieve optimal positioning w…

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FDA clears 3D-printed titanium spacer from Life Spine

Life Spine announced today that it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Ghost 3D-printed titanium spacer system.

Huntley, Illinois-based Life Spine’s Ghost 3D-printed titanium spacer expands on the company’s interbody portfolio. These implants include options for ALIF, PLIF/TLIF and lateral procedures. The 3D-printed titanium joins PEEK and titanium in the interbody portfolio.

Ghost spacers integrate porous surfaces designed to promote bony on-growth while maintaining external lattice geometry. Life Spine offers Ghost in a range of footprints and lordotic options to accommodate an array of patient anatomies and pathologies.

The system features streamlined instrumentation and Life Spine’s variety of posterior fixation offerings. These include the Avatar percutaneous screw system and the Nautilus spinal fixation system. Additionally, the company offers the Centerline midline screw system and ARx spinal fixation system.

Its endplat…

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Life Spine announces first surgical cases for its Dyna-Link titanium with barb fixation

Life Spine said it has achieved the first surgical cases for its Dyna-Link titanium with barb fixation.

The Huntley, Illinois–based company’s Dyna-Link titanium stand-alone anterior lumbar system is a zero-profile, stand-alone device.

Life Spine says Dyna-Link offers surgeons a safe and reliable alternative to 360˚ fusion procedures. In addition to providing immediate fixation, Dyna-Link now has multiple footprints, heights, screw options and barbs available to accommodate various patient anatomies and pathologies.

Dr. Ali Mesiwala — of the DISC Sports & Spine Center in Newport Beach, California — said the Dyna-Link titanium barb offering provides an integrated supplemental fixation system that allows for a less invasive direct anterior approach.

“Barbs are preloaded within the inserter for the titanium implant, permitting seamless deployment of fixation for the cage and eliminating the need for angulated instruments,” Mesiwala sai…

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Life Spine announces first surgical procedure with its Prolift Lateral Helo Fixated

Life Spine today said it had its first surgical case with its Prolift Lateral Helo Fixated expandable lateral spacer system.

The company announced in May 2021 that FDA had cleared the system.

The Prolift Lateral Helo Fixated with Osseo-Loc surface technology offers a micro-invasive solution for lateral lumbar interbody fusion, according to Huntley, Illinois–based Life Spine.

The system has in situ lordotic expansion from 5° up to 20°, allowing for sagittal balance and lordosis correction. Life Spine says the design minimizes impaction, preserves endplate integrity, and maximizes indirect decompression.

“The treatment for adjacent segment disease in the lumbar spine continues to evolve and improve,” said Dr. Adam Lewis of Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic. “Prolift Lateral Helo Fixated allows for up to 8 mm of expansion and 5-20˚ lordotic expansion. Surgeons can restore sagittal and coronal balance with a short learning curve.” Read more

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Life Spine wins FDA clearance for ProLift micro expandable spacer

Life Spine announced that it received FDA clearance to market its ProLift micro expandable spacer system for supporting micro-invasive procedures.

Huntley, Illinois-based Life Spine designed its ProLift micro to support procedures ranging from endoscopic TLIFs to MIS TLIFs/PLIFs. The platform includes an 8mm width, self-locking expansion at any height (between 8mm and 16mm) to suit the patient’s individual pathology and anatomical conditions and is available in a range of sizes and footprints.

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FDA clears Life Spine’s Prolift lateral HELO fixation system

Life Spine announced today that it received FDA marketing clearance for its Prolift lateral HELO fixation system.

Hutley, Ill.-based Life Spine touts the Prolift lateral HELO fixation system, an expendable lateral spacer with an integrated plating system designed for the restoration of disc height while providing additional lateral stabilization, as capable of saving time, money and accelerating recovery, according to a news release.

The system is intended for lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) and the anterior-to-psoas (ATP) approach, the latter of which avoid the psoas muscle to potentially eliminate nerve complications associated with the direct lateral technique.

Prolift lateral HELO offers capabilities in cases requiring maximum segmental lordosis, as the system has unique expansion capabilities that allow for in situ lordotic adjustment anywhere from 5˚ up to 20˚ with a corresponding height range of up to 8 mm of disc height restoration.

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FDA clears Life Spine Prolift Wedge expandable spacer system

Life Spine announced today that it received FDA clearance for its Prolift Wedge expandable spacer system.

The Prolift Wedge expandable interbody spacer system with Osseo-Loc surface technology is a lordotic expandable implant for use in micro-invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) and posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) procedures, according to a news release.

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FDA clears LifeSpine anterior lumbar spacer system

Spinal disorder treatment developer Life Spine announced that it received FDA clearance for its Plateau-A Ti anterior lumbar spacer system.

Huntley, Ill.-based Life Spine’s Plateau-A Ti system can be used for anterior fusion procedures, offering multiple footprint sizes in various heights to accommodate individual anatomies and pathologies, according to a news release.

The system also features large, open graft windows for maximum visibility and bone graft containment, Life Spine’s Osseo-Loc surface treatment technology and a chamfered leading edge to ease implant insertion.

“With the increased usage of anterior column reconstruction, Pleateau-A Ti fills an important portfolio gap,” Life Spine COO Rich Mueller said in the release. “Joining our recently launched Dyna-Link titanium stand-alone ALIF spacer system and Sentry ALIF plating system, this clearance expands our robust ALIF portfolio.

“Continuing our success with prev…

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