Levita Magnetics raises $26M for Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery platform

Levita’s Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS) platform [Photo courtesy of Levita]Levita Magnetics said today it has raised $26 million to fund regulatory and commercial progress on its Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS) platform.

The Menlo Park, California-based robotic surgery system developer also appointed Maria Sainz as chair of its board of directors.

The MARS platform is designed to help surgeons perform more high-volume abdominal procedures using fewer incisions and fewer personnel.

Levita won FDA de novo classification for its Levita Magnetic Surgical System in 2015. That handheld device uses a magnet placed outside of a patient’s abdomen to control a magnetic grasper inside the body during surgery, requiring only one incision instead of two.

The device requires someone to hold the external magnet while the surgeon is operating, but the new MARS platform assists with the external magnet and gives the surgeon more control…

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Levita Magnetics announces first magnetic robot-assisted surgeries

Levita Magnetics announced today that it performed the first procedures with its robot-assisted surgical platform.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Levita’s newest system, the Levita Robotic Platform, was used by Dr. Ignacio Robles in a reduced-incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) at Clínica INDISA in Santiago, Chile, as part of a clinical study of the platform.

According to a news release, Levita designed the new platform to deliver the clinical benefits of the company’s first commercial product, the Levita Magnetic surgical system, which includes less pain, faster recovery and fewer scars.

The company said it intends to use the platform to improve visualization, maintain surgeon control of instruments and increase hospital efficiency with fewer assistive personnel required for the procedure. The design specifically targets high-volume ambulatory or same-day discharge abdominal surgeries.

Robles said the first procedure…

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