Kendall Square-based LabCentral gaining traction with biotech startups

LabCentral facility at MIT [Image courtesy of LabCentral]

LabCentral is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves as a springboard for life sciences and biotech startups. The model makes it easier for creative academics to transform an idea into a profitable business by addressing the initial need to invest in lab equipment and space.

“Biotech startups have historically had to spend all of this money upfront,” said Dr. Johannes Fruehauf, co-founder and president of LabCentral. “And it is the most expensive money they will ever spend.”

Startups in the LabCentral network can accelerate the timeline to verify their scientific hypotheses without needing to own a lab. Once they have confirmed their research ideas, they can more easily attract venture funding. In fact, LabCentral companies has secured a quarter of all early-stage (seed and Series A) bio-pharma financing in 2021 in Massachusetts. I…

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4 top drug discovery innovations of 2022

Prix Galien

Late last year, the Galien Foundation highlighted several drug discovery innovations in its annual Prix Galien USA Award Winners, which specifically highlighted drugs from Regeneron and Amgen as well as a platform from Exscientia and the incubators BioLabs and LabCentral.

The foundation recently hosted a webinar featuring several executives from the respective winning companies discussing their view on their respective drug discovery innovations.

1. Inmazeb: The first FDA-approved Ebola drug

The Galien Foundation chose Regeneron’s (Nasdaq:REGN) Inmazeb (atoltivimab, maftivimab and odesivimab-ebgn) as the best biotechnology product of 2022. The antibody cocktail became the first FDA-approved treatment for Ebola (Zaire Ebolavirus) for pediatric and adult patients in 2020.

There were several hurdles involved in developing Inmazeb, said Neil Stahl, EVP of R&D at Regeneron Phar…

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