Koya Medical launches active compression system for lymphedema and venous disease

Koya Medical announced today that it commercially launched its Dayspring active compression system in the U.S.

Oakland, California-based Koya designed the wearable Dayspring compression system for the treatment of lymphedema and venous diseases in lower extremities. It features a soft, breathable mesh garment with Koya’s proprietary Flexframe — spring-like segments for delivering compression — technology.

The system also has a smart, rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled controller with a companion app for allowing users and clinicians to customize treatments and review treatment history.

According to a news release, Dayspring is the first non-pneumatic active dynamic compression treatment to garner FDA clearance. The design supports patient mobility so users can continue daily activities during treatment, unlike the pneumatic (air-based) compression pumps that require patients to remain stationary while the devices are plugged into an outlet.

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Koya Medical reports positive early results in Dayspring lymphedema trial

Koya Medical’s Dayspring device [Photo courtesy of Koya Medical]Koya Medical this week announced positive results from a small, ongoing trial comparing its Dayspring compression treatment for lymphedema to a traditional pneumatic compression pump.

The Oakland, California-based company secured FDA 510(k) clearance for the device last month, saying it was the first such approval for an active compression treatment enabling movement and mobility with patients who have lymphedema or similar conditions affecting lymphatic flow in upper and lower extremities.

Koya Medical said in a news release that participants in the randomized, crossover study reported significantly greater adherence to Dayspring treatment compared to the pneumatic compression pump and demonstrated greater reduction in limb volume, improvement in quality of life and patient preference.

The prospective study asked participants to use either Dayspring or the traditional pump for one hour p…

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