DeviceTalks Weekly: Ep. 9 – What’s the state of the medtech job market?

In this week’s episode of DeviceTalks Weekly, Tom Salemi speaks with two executive recruiters about what they see in the medtech market. Over the past month, we’ve seen several medtech companies – big and small – cutting jobs and reducing hours but what does this mean long-term.

In this podcast we’ll identify a few companies that are hiring, but we’ll talk in-depth with the recruiters about…

How bad is the current market? What’s the likelihood for recovery? What skills are in greater demand? What can people do to strengthen their hand?

Guests are:

David L. Vied, global sector leader, Global Sector Leader, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Korn Ferry Giovanni Lauricella, VP, medtech practice-lead, The Mullings Group

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