Digital Pump Customization: Unlocking the True Potential of BLDC Motors

By using advanced electric motors, a variety of motor and pump parameters can be customized to individual customer needs.

It is becoming increasingly more valuable to be able to monitor all electronic components on board medical devices. By taking advantage of the full capabilities and digital customization of brushless direct current (BLDC) motor controllers, pumps can be optimized to monitor and control pump performance, improve efficiency and accuracy, and extend the operating life of many components on board the devices. Also, with the amount of data available and ability to monitor, predictive maintenance, just-in-time replacement and even self-diagnosis becomes more realistic.

More and more customers are demanding a perfect fit for their device. Off-the-shelf items no longer make the cut and even mechanically modified products can fall short of expectations. Many pump companies offer a wide range of products, and KNF has also outfitted our product line w…

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