Johnson & Johnson pharma rebrand highlights innovation as a pillar to reinforce trust

Global pharma and medical device giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has ditched its iconic cursive logo that dates back to the late 19th century, and rebranded its Janssen pharma division as Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine. The move underscores the company’s push to prioritize higher-margin prescription drugs. This strategic move comes amidst a backdrop of significant legal challenges the company has faced in recent years.

In the five-year period from 2018 to 2022, Johnson & Johnson was the most active defendant in medical device and pharmaceutical cases. In addition, before spinning off its consumer health division, the company was targeted in tens of thousands of lawsuits alleging J&J-branded talcum powder causes cancer. Earlier this year, a judge dismissed the company’s attempt to settle thousands of lawsuits through bankruptcy.

The chart below shows the number of cases filed against J&J-affiliated entities in the life sciences secto…

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Timeline: Navigating Johnson & Johnson’s talc lawsuits and their stock performance impact

Johnson & Johnson continues to face legal challenges over allegations that its talcum powder causes cancer. Recently, a judge dismissed the company’s latest attempt to settle thousands of lawsuits through bankruptcy, marking the second time J&J’s bankruptcy strategy has been rebuffed. We take a look at the timeline of the talc litigation below.

Johnson & Johnson is planning on spinning off its consumer unit, which will be known as “Kenvue.” The separation of the unit could happen later this year.

The company’s talc-related troubles started in 2009 when the first lawsuit was filed against J&J alleging its talc products caused a woman’s ovarian cancer. By 2016, J&J suffered its first significant legal defeat with a $72 million verdict. In 2018, a jury ordered the company to pay $4.69 billion to cancer victims.

Johnson & Johnson began selling its Baby Powder brand of talcum powder in 1894.


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Johnson & Johnson names proposed consumer health spinoff ‘Kenvue’ 

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) has announced that it will name its consumer health division ‘Kenvue.’

Earlier this year, GSK (NYSE:GSK) made a similar move by naming its consumer healthcare segment ‘Haleon.’ That moniker fuses the old English word ‘hale’ with the name ‘Leon.’ The first word means ‘healthy’ while the second refers to ‘strength.’

Haleon became a separate unit in July 2022.

Similarly, Kenvue brings together the words ‘ken,’ meaning ‘knowledge,’ and ‘vue,’ meaning ‘sight.’

Johnson & Johnson has signaled its intent to spin off Kenvue by November 2023.

The remaining company, headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, would continue to focus on its drug and device businesses.

“Unveiling the Kenvue brand is a defining moment for our stakeholders and an important part of the planned separation,” said Thibaut Mongon, CEO Designate, Kenvue, in a news release. “We breathe life into some of the world’s most iconic and belo…

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