Enovis partners with Kelvi on hot and cold therapies

Enovis, the parent company of DJO, announced that it entered into a strategic partnership with Kelvi for heating and cooling therapies.

Kelvi, which develops hot and cold therapy products, will work with Enovis to deliver industry-leading therapies for rehabilitation, recovery and performance enhancement to patients and athletes of all abilities. According to a news release, DJO (as part of Enovis) will become the exclusive distributor in the orthopedic market of Kelvi’s heating and cooling therapy products.

Offering a multimodal approach to heating and cooling, Kelvi develops “smart” KelviTEC technology that applies principles of heating and cooling for medical and athletic recovery while also providing convenience for athletes, athletic trainers and medical technicians, coupled with high precision, tight temperature control, trackability and repeatability, Enovis said.

“As we expand and grow as a med-tech company, we are excited about the i…

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