8 drug delivery innovations you should know

Innovations in drug delivery never stop and, over the past 12 months or so, a wide variety have come under the spotlight.

Constant progress continues in the diabetes space, both in the form of insulin delivery and other drug delivery methods. Elsewhere, we see implants, patches, syringes and more showcasing just how many ways we can deliver therapeutics.

About a year ago, we clued in readers to a list of six drug delivery innovations they should know. Here, we provide a couple of updates on those and try to introduce a few more developments that you should know:

The latest in automated insulin delivery tech

Automated insulin delivery represents one of the most high-profile markets in drug delivery, with the technology providing potentially life-saving therapy for people with diabetes.

The Mobi automated insulin pump with the accompanying mobile app. [Image courtesy of Tandem Diabetes Care]Last year’s roundup included the already FDA-cleared Omn…
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