Moderna resizes its manufacturing footprint for a post-pandemic era

Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) is progressing on efforts to resume revenue growth in 2025 — even as COVID-19 vaccine sales decline now that the virus is endemic versus a pandemic.

During a presentation at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference this week, Moderna CFO Jamey Mock noted that the company took a charge of $1.6 billion during the second half of 2023 as it resized its manufacturing footprint.

Meanwhile, the company is betting on a diverse pipeline that relies on its mRNA platform. The company enters 2024 with 45 therapeutic and vaccine programs, including nine in late-stage development. Key highlights include:

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine: Moderna expects regulatory approvals starting in the first half of this year for its vaccine to prevent RSV-associated lower respiratory tract disease and acute respiratory disease in adults 60 and up. The company says it will have the only pre-filled syringe product available at launch and has worked to genera…
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