8 drug delivery innovations you need to know

The drug delivery space has seen plenty of innovation over the years and there are no signs of that slowing down any time soon.

Improvements upon established technologies like insulin delivery devices and inhalers have been presented by some, while others have unlocked new ways of delivering drugs through a variety of means.

Among the best innovations in the space are some of the heavy-hitting companies, like Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes Care. Some up-and-comers are beginning to make waves, too, while research continues to uncover new ways to deliver therapeutics.

Here are eight types of drug delivery innovations you should know:

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Abbott: ID NOW COVID-19 results more accurate with earlier testing

Abbott’s ID Now test machine (Image from Abbott)

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) said today that its ID NOW COVID-19 test works better on specimens collected soon after patients begin showing symptoms.

The test’s performance has drawn fire from federal officials in recent weeks, including a recent FDA warning that the ID NOW test may return false-negative results. The agency granted the test an emergency use authorization (EUA) on March 27 and said it is now investigating whether false-negative results could be due to the types of swabs used or the type of viral transport media.

Abbott began advising customers in mid-April that ID NOW is a rapid test that was not designed for use with viral transport media. The company also recommended using dry nasal swabs to collect samples.

Today, the company announced an interim analysis of an ongoing clinical study at five urgent care clinics in New Jerse…

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